Making Advent Real

Christmas commercials have already been telling us what to buy for a few weeks now. Apparently, the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is six days shorter this year, so retailers are going for the jugular. If you’re a parent, like I am, it’s basically the Toypocalypse. So, how do we keep our focus on Christ in the torrent of materialism? Can we even celebrate the days of Advent anymore when so many other things seek to take our attention away from the entire reason this season exists? I think the trick is getting back to Advent: which is a time, not of receiving, but of expecting. It’s the time leading up to our celebration of God’s fulfillment of His ancient promise, during which we remember the centuries Israel spent in waiting. Here are a few ways to focus on what should be the center of the Advent season… (Read the rest at here…)


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