What We Talk About When We Talk About Santa

I usually only post original writings but on this day, I want to highlight some truly great points made by my buddy, Brandon Peach on RELEVANT’s website. He covers the topic of Santa Claus and how we should convey the myth and the legend to our children. I ultimately think every person should judge what’s best for themselves and their kids, but Brandon makes some very good points here.

He’s viewed as a symptom and symbol of the commercialization of Christmas. He’s vilified as a lie to children. He’s associated with countless conflicting portrayals in popular culture (should he be white? Should he be a penguin?). Make no mistake—especially in evangelical Christianity, Santa Claus has been put on trial.

And it’s time for Christians to step up in his defense.

The frustration Christians feel about Saint Nick isn’t entirely without merit. For some, the jolly fellow from the North Pole represents the consumerism rampant in American culture, a personification of the greed that seems to have replaced the goodwill and charity of the Christmas season. Others see Santa Claus as a distraction from the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Christ, an occasion that marked the reconciliation of mankind unto God. Many parents take umbrage with the belief in Santa as a gift-giver, because after all, Santa isn’t real.

(Read more at RELEVANT.)


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