Where are you, Christian media?

About a week ago, Phil Robertson was suspended from his family’s show Duck Dynasty for comments he made regarding homosexuality. The fury poured forth from Christian news and social media like none other. Many Christians are even now organizing boycotts against A&E.

About two to three days later, Uganda passes a bill through it’s legislative body (that is now waiting a signature from the President) which would imprison homosexuals for life, give 14 years imprisonment to Ugandan citizens that help gays and potentially put some gays to death. Update: The death penalty provision has been shelved, but the long prison terms remain.

It’s been three days since the news from Uganda broke out. I’ve searched through ChristianityToday.com, ChristianPost.com (Update: apparently, my search was faulty on the Christian Post because this article was posted at the time the bill passed. If any more articles surface from these outlets, I would appreciate the links because I did a thorough search previously and found nothing.)and CBN.com, but there is still not one mention of the story that Uganda has passed a bill which could put to death gays and lesbians. I even searched ReligionToday.com and instead of finding stories about Uganda’s growing violence towards gays and lesbian people in their community, I saw one story titled “Ugandan Church’s Remarkable Growth”.  Phil Robertson’s story is still plastered all over the front pages of these outlets.

Now, I’m willing to give the Christian media the benefit of the doubt. It’s the holiday week and Christmas is near. Maybe they’re busy trimming the trees and sipping hot cocoa. Maybe they’ve been too busy to see the story on CNN.com or MSNBC.com or BBCNews.com.

However, I’m still extremely disappointed at the overall coverage the Uganda story has received from Christian media outlets. It’s like they’re more scared of being labeled pro-gay than they are concerned about the violence of a country which is growing in it’s evangelical majority against the gay and lesbian community there. It’s disturbing that Christianity collectively can call homosexuality a sin, but somehow gets a frog in it’s throat when Uganda’s violent solution to the sin comes to the surface.

Even Bible-believing, conservative evangelicals must concede that this is overstepping the bounds of God’s justice. This is fallible man taking the Bible without Christ’s mercy, forgiveness and love and applying it to today’s world. It’s an utter mangling of the Bible  but at a level that is almost inconceivable. Uganda now sees itself as a Christian nation and they’ve been told by many Western evangelicals that this is what a Christian nation does. They have formulated this bill and these laws to preserve morality in their country. They don’t want to see the corruptions of the West at their door, so they don’t see this as terror and a broach of freedom.

So we need to ask…is this really what American Christianity wants the United States to become? A country where homosexuals are put in jail or even put to death? The American influence on this bill says “yes”. The silence says “yes”. If the Christian media is silent against what’s happening in Uganda, as a Christian who believes homosexuality as a sin, rest assured that one day you will be scrutinized for saying “Not my problem”. Ugandan Christians are misguided and swayed by false doctrine. They are not ministering Jesus Christ to their people. They are not on the road to healing the sins of their people, but rather they seek retributive justice, not restorative justice for the sins of a people. They are making homosexuality a “different” class of sin than any other and thus giving license for a violence that defames the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speak up, faithful. Speak up, Christian media. Today. For Uganda and for the gays and lesbians who will not know the love of God, but will only know a God who hates their being. This is a black spot on the name of Jesus Christ.


19 thoughts on “Where are you, Christian media?

  1. I agree with Mark. It’s not necessarily right, but the injustices all over the world need a voice. The good news is Jesus stands before the Father night and day as the greatest voice, the greatest advocate! One day evil will know justice.

    I also don’t think you can conclude that Christian media in the US isn’t speaking out because they are scared of being labeled “pro gay”. I personally want more evidence before concluding some of the greatest voices for counter cultural morality are operating in cowardessness by not talking about the Ugandan issue.

    I do appreciate you bringing light to the Ugandan issue. I had no idea.

    • Thank you guys for your input. I want to clarify that although I think the Church should definitely be concerned in justice in all parts of the world, this specific issue needs light shed by the Christian media because of the glaring connection Uganda’s politics have to the American evangelical influence.

      If you check one of the links I put in the article, there’s even a documentary that came out last year that highlights the direct influence had many prominent American Christians had in forming the Ugandan bill. Those American Christians are now distancing themselves from the law in Uganda now that the secular media has caught wind of how bad the situation is, but no Christian media outlets are making one peep about it. I think the bigger issue for me is this -we’re very quick to decry injustice in the world AGAINST Christians, but very, very slow to hold our brothers and sisters accountable when they are doing injustice across the globe. This is my observation. You can take it or leave it, but I searched and searched for this story in many Christian websites, but could not find it anywhere.

      Maybe they’ll come out with it by the time the bill has passed, but by then, I’m afraid it will be too late. I am questioning the Christian media’s hesitancy. I am guessing as to their motives, but that’s only because none of them have made it clear as to why they’re so hesitant to say anything. They’ve been utterly silent.

    • The problems in Uganda are not new. The persecution of gay and lesbian people there have ramped up as evangelical Christianity has grown there. This is widely reported. Our leaders in the US have publicly spoken out against it while churches like the International House of Prayer, Assemblies of God and other evangelical organizations have gone to Africa and funded this. If you don’t know about it it’s because you’ve sheltered yourself from it. And to imply that it isn’t your responsibility because Jesus “stands before the Father night and day as the greatest voice, the greatest advocate” says more about your view of the world and your place in it than I ever could. Disturbing and sad. The unwillingness of Christians to take responsibility for getting their hands dirty when it comes to justice and graciousness still staggers me.

  2. I agree that “fear” is playing a role with the Christian Media here in the United States about speaking up against this. I also believe that Uganda has their Christian beliefs twisted. I don’t find it to be “true” Christianity…It’s like radical Islam…Radical Christianity , which is not the true form of what Jesus taught and died for us. I feel there is a powerful dark evil spirit at work here. It sounds like a different kind of Christian. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers, principalities , wicked spirits and rulers of darkness in high places…It wants to cause strife amongst the children of God and keep people away from really knowing who God and Jesus are.

  3. Listen, I do feel for the homosexuals who are going to suffer death for their sin. However, where were those to speak up for Christ and His 12 apostles when they were being tortured and murdered for simply preaching the Gospel??? (Cricket, cricket…)

    These men and women have made their choice to reject truth and instead, be enticed by the own desires of their lustful flesh. So, they are incurring God’s wrath on them by openly embracing sin, that being, homosexuality… The adulteress about to be stoned? No, she was not embracing her sin; she got caught and was about to be punished for her sin. And the thief on the cross? He (and I quote) said:

    “And we indeed are suffering justly, for we are receiving what we deserve for our deeds; but this man [Jesus] has done nothing wrong.”
    -Luke 23:41

    I’d strongly encourage you all (Christians and non) to take a good look at these words before you go sticking up for sinners who are suffering for their willful sin rather than defending those suffering for righteousness sake. Did Christ pardon every adulteress about to be stone? Not to our knowledge, He didn’t. It was recorded once as a lesson. But the truth is that no longer does this American society see homosexuality as a sin; rather, they see it as “I was born this way”.

    They see sin as an excuse.

    Yet, we Christians must pray for those caught in the sin of homosexuality, too. We must pray that God will have mercy on them and persuade them to repent and live for Him rather than make excuses for their state of sin, any longer than they already have.

    Why? Because homosexuality will NOT be allowed in God’s eternal presence, in heaven. That’s Biblical, not “hate”.

    And for those wondering why God is allowing homosexuals to die for their sins in Uganda, perhaps the book of James will enlighten your hard hearts…

    “But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.” -James 1:14-15

    Surely, their homosexual desires will bring forth their own death if they do not repent and seek Christ’s forgiveness, restoration, and salvation.

    • Their sins will bring forth death, but the whole point of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ came to show us ALL grace and mercy to the very end. Their judgement will come after death, not in this life. If their sin is between them and God, then it is not for us to make their life even worse and hardening their hearts even further away from him. You’ve completely missed the point of the story with Jesus and the adultress and the point of the Cross if you believe that being a harsh judge to sinners will help keep them from sin. All it does is make them more secretive. Jesus Christ compelled people out of their sin through love, not through harsh condemnation. If they continue their own way, his condemnation will remain upon them at the Last Judgement. We are not the arbitrators of that judgement.

  4. Thank you Zachary for posting this to enlighten us to act in a merciful and compassionate way to care for our family in Uganda. I will be praying for this issue. What are also other ways we can help? This event is detestable and shows the self-centered, diluted, and stale faith that we have. Let us pray for our faith as well. Being a Christian does not mean we feel “bold” to barrage the issue with whatever sounds smart when the pop culture throws something at us- being a Christian is seeking the ways to help bring the God’s light into the parts of this fallen world.

    • Thank you for your input! I am struggling with how to help now as well, but I think one of the best things Christians can do is to not stay silent about this event. Obviously, prayer is our first line but after that we should call our congressman in the United States or send letters to the Ugandan government. I think I might work to organize something like that in my own region.

      And just to clarify…this blog post was specifically aimed at the silence of Christian ran media. So, websites that are purposed to give Christians the news they need. Uganda has been unfortunately absent.

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