Five Things Friday, January 17th 2014

It’s really hard to choose five things to show you when my week is filled with coughing fits and screaming children. But I’ve decided to brave it this morning and give you guys a few things to brighten up your weekend. Check this stuff out:

1. “Why Millenials Long for Liturgy” by Gracy Olmstead

This article hit home for me as it seemed to distill into words my own journey. I’ve become somewhat ambivalent to modern worship music, not just for theological reasons, but for artistic ones as well. Beauty in modern worship is based out of something I no longer find beautiful in corporate worship.

I also recommend this response article by J. David Nolan, explaining the reasons behind the meaning in liturgy.

2.  A beautiful Greek Orthodox choir singing Psalm 134

3. “How 20-Something Entitlement Nearly Ruined My Marriage” by Allison Vesterfelt

Allison writes about the struggle to die to herself and save her marriage from self-destruction.

“So I decided to try something different. I asked my husband a dangerous question. I said, “are there ways you wished I treated you differently?” In other words, I wanted to know if (and how) he felt he deserved to be treated better. He hesitated, waiting to make sure I was serious about asking. “

See also: “Learning to Embrace the Martyrdom of Marriage”

4. These photos of New York nannies are somewhat heartbreaking and fascinating.

5.  “The Beginning of Baptism” by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick

Fr. Andrew explains what baptism means in the Orthodox church and it’s role in the Christian life.

“Now, this was not an invention of John’s but was already an established part of Jewish tradition. Ancient Judaism had a number of different kinds of ritual washings for various purposes, and a few of them included full-body immersion as in Christian baptism. The Scriptures tell us in this case that John was baptizing people as part of repentance and forgiveness of sins, doing his job as the “voice crying in the wilderness” prophesied in the fortieth chapter of Isaiah, preparing people for the coming of Jesus. And there is also a traditional Jewish use of full-immersion washing that is required in order to convert to Judaism.”

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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