In Christianity, There’s More to Being a Man (Published)

Today, as I was holding my two year old son in my arms, I was wondering what kind of man I aspired him to be. Do I want him to be successful? Or just a nice guy? Or a fighter? Or a moral man? Then a more frightening thought entered my mind…he’ll probably be a lot like me.

Not that I consider myself a bad guy, or even one free of any virtues, but I do know I’m a “work in progress”. And the thought of my children looking to me and sculpting their own image of manhood makes me an uneasy. As a husband and father, I have no option to “opt-out”. I am going to be their mainstay for masculinity, whether I like it or not.

This brings me to my next point, which is that as Christian men, there are numerous different voices telling us what masculinity means for us. Preachers, teachers, and various authors expound on the many ways men need to “man up”, or embrace Biblical manhood. For many…I get it. They need a kick in the pants to grow up and take their responsibility as a father and husband seriously.

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