Five Things Friday – February 28th 2014

Here are the five things that “tickled my fancy” this week. 

The featured image was all for you /r/Sidehugs!

1. Cold Tangerines, the Play 

Awhile ago, I wrote an article for RELEVANT’s website called Why Christians Should Create and I received some great responses from Christians struggling between what makes a work of art truly Christian or not. Betsy Roth is one of those people and after checking out the work she’s doing to make this play work with her team, I think it’s worth taking a look. The video above tells the story of the play, based on the book Cold TangerinesHere’s a description of the book:

Cold Tangerines—now available in softcover— is a collection of stories that celebrate the extraordinary moments hidden in your everyday life. It is about God, and about life, and about the thousands of daily ways in which an awareness of God changes and infuses everything. It is about spiritual life, and about all the things that are called nonspiritual life that might be spiritual after all. It is the snapshots of a young woman making peace with herself and trying to craft a life that captures the energy and exuberance we all long for in the midst of the fear and regret and envy we all carry with us. It is both a voice of challenge and song of comfort, calling you upward to the best possible life, and giving you room to breathe, to rest, to break down, and break through. Cold Tangerines offers bright and varied glimpses of hope and redemption, in and among the heartbreak and boredom and broken glass.

It sounds absolutely wonderful and I love the passion Betsy has to make this play a reality. Check it out!

2. Shameless Nepotism (I blame Matt Walsh)

My wife creates these beautiful spring wreaths which she’s now selling. She can also customize them for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvah’s etc. If you’re interested in purchasing one, two or a thousand, she can give you the prices and sizes. Email Amanda at

3. Eric D. Snider as Randy Newman singing the theme of “12 Years a Slave”

I haven’t laughed this hard since Three Six Mafia won the Oscar for Best Original Song!

4. 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Spouse

Eddie Becker wrote this wonderful piece and it got me thinking about all the times I said something stupid to my wife. If I had a nickel for each one, I’d have a lot of nickels.

Pro-tip: Don’t ever tell her that you think “classy ladies are overrated”.

5. This quote on scripture and tradition

Taken from its context within Holy Tradition, the solid rock of Scripture becomes a mere ball of clay, to be molded into whatever shape its handlers wish. It is no honor to the Scriptures to misuse and twist them, even if this is done in the name of exalting their authority.  —Fr. John Whiteford


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