5 Arguments Not to Have on Facebook

I co-authored this article with the venerable Brandon W. Peach. The entire article is available for reading at RELEVANT here.

First things first: Please note, this isn’t an article about what shouldn’t be discussed on Facebook. All of these topics are worthy of interesting conversation, and social media can be a helpful platform for just that purpose. This is a list of things that aren’t worth arguing over on Facebook. When a social media conversation devolves into a fight, it’s generally advisable to be the bigger person, or inform the dissenter that you’d love to continue the debate in person at some other time.

Are there any topics that are completely taboo for Christians to engage in discussion across social media? Perhaps. But the most dangerous ones in fact present themselves as opportunities rather than traps. The political discussion may seem like a great place to inject reason and clarity, when posting an opinion might only stir the pot of dissension. Engaging in “media activism” by sharing the social justice cause du jour isn’t always the best way to help effect change. Social media offers the most universal, accessible and easily searchable link to your public identity in history.

Here are a few of the topics that, outside of a compelling reason, are probably best to avoid:

Read the rest at RELEVANT here.


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