Check out my new podcast!

I’ll soon be moving a lot of my writing over to, a website I’m developing with some of my friends. For now, we’ve started a podcast to whet the appetite of all of you students of the Gospel!

We got together to record an hour long podcast on the Church, theology, culture, philosophy and most of all…Jesus Christ! We’ll be doing this on a regular basis, so feel free to subscribe on iTunes or through our RSS feed.

Our 1st episode is titled “Why does theology matter? and we discuss some of the groundwork for faith. We talk about how Christian theology should be for everyone and how that looks in our daily lives. Bonus: Brandon Peach expounds on bathroom readers and we ask the question “Who would win in an armwrestling match…C.S. Lewis or N.T. Wright?” The show quickly unravels from there.

Coming soon… We’ll release an episode about tackling the holy scriptures. On May 10th, we’ll interview and converse with Glenn Packiam, formerly of “The Desperation Band”, an executive pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs (Ted Haggard’s former church) and is a newly ordained Anglican priest. We’re very excited for the Roundtable’s future and for, which we will be revving up on May 5th!


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