4 People Who Successfully Argued With God

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As humans, we tend to pray most when we really need something from God. We pray before tests, job interviews or jumping out of an airplane. Our prayers are most often directed to God in times of desperate need. The rest of the time, we figure He’ll take care of the rest. But a big question that comes from prayer is that if God knows everything that will happen, why do we pray? What good does prayer actually do?

In many ways this is a question that has sparked some of the biggest divisions in Christian theology. Humans often want to know why God does what He does in our lives.

I think that is a question which we cannot completely answer with the limited knowledge we have, but through the Scriptures we do see many cases where prayer influences God’s decision (or appears to anyway). Maybe we can learn from them. I’ve found at least four cases where this has happened:
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(Read the full post on RELEVANT.com)



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