5 Reasons Not to Underestimate the Faith of Millennials

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I’m just barely a Millennial, being on the cusp of my 30s, but I did grow up during the dawn of the Internet, cellphones, and Homestar Runner. As I’ve grown up in this decade, I’ve seen friends and acquaintances grow and mature out of awkward teendom into having college degrees, jobs, spouses and kids.

In one sense the critics of the Millennial generation are correct when they state we are a very self-absorbed generation, but I think those same critics mistake the technological methods we gratify and glorify ourselves as some how more base and less noble than the methods the previous generations used to do the same. In another sense, every generation uses the next as a scapegoat for society’s ills and to increase their own sense of superiority.

Still, while a few Millennials may be decidedly “spiritual, but not religious,” I’m finding a vast number of people in my generation who’ve shed these trends and matured into actually having convictions and concrete beliefs based on deeply studying and grasping their own faith, embracing the wisdom of those who came before them and realizing that we don’t come by our beliefs alone. In many cases, Millennials were primed by the previous generation to be open and generous towards the old, the out-of-fashion and the traditional based on the fact that the previous generation discarded them, so their progeny are drawn by the novelty of such things.

(Read the rest on Theologues.com)


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