What American Christians Haven’t Learned Since 9/11

(Read the whole article at Theologues.com)

Today marks the 13th year since two commercial airliners were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center towers, killing almost 3,000 people. The events of that day rocked the American consciousness. Soon we found ourselves swept up into a whirlwind of fear. We declared war on Saddam Hussein, looking for nuclear weapons which were nowhere to be found less than a year after the initial attack. We also sent soldiers to Afghanistan to fight against Islamic radicals providing safe haven for terrorists. We considered ourselves the hand of justice.

But this vision of swift justice rapidly evaporated. After several years of war and over a decade of unending bloodshed, we find ourselves again and again in a cycle of violence and fear. I have to ask myself … how has this really affected the Church in America? Have any of us learned anything from 9/11? I think there is much that America has learned, but sadly there’s still much many churches and Christians across America have yet to learn. Here are three lessons that the American Church still has to learn:

(Read the whole article at Theologues.com)


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