Today, I’m Thankful I Lost My Job

Weird headline, huh? It’s the truth though. Thanksgiving is a time to share what we’re most thankful for in the past year and this is what I’m thankful for.

Now, before I go on, I should say that (thankfully) I’m currently employed and the job I lost was one I had for almost 7 years, up until 2014. I can’t disclose the specifics of “why” I lost the job, but I can say that much of it was my own fault. After almost 7 years, I had grown apathetic and comfortable. I had lost my way and compromised what was a pretty good situation for me and my family. I had gotten to this point because I had let past failures dictate where I could go. I decided to take so little chances that I boxed myself in and truthfully…I probably should have left years ago.

For a long time, I had been with this employer who had great benefits and a great community of employees. It was a great situation for both me and my family.

But that was the problem.

It was almost TOO good. I had been there too long and I began to take a lot of things for granted. This sense of security made me fall into a pattern of just going through the motions. Part of this was a loss of ambition. Part of it was in inability to see that I didn’t really belong there anymore. I felt I knew what I wanted to do eventually, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. I was afraid to take the jump and just leave.

During the years, I had tried to interview for several positions in the company that I thought were perfect for me, but they never worked out. I’ll admit that I probably didn’t get those jobs because I was coasting. I had people all around me, encouraging me and giving me tools to succeed, but I floundered instead of taking the opportunity to learn.  All in all…this is what eventually lead to me losing this great job and putting my family’s future in jeopardy.

After the floor dropped from beneath me, I actually found the fire I had lost. I began to go back and finish my Associate’s degree. I started a website. I wrote more. I got passionate about something. It’s funny how an awareness of survival can sometimes wake us up from our apathy.

I took contract job after contract job just to pay the bills. However, with each job, I tried harder than I ever had before to learn new skills and gain something from the job. Even if it was just how to punch in data or how a billing process works.

Finally, I found the job I’m at now in IT. I found something I love to go into work everyday and do. I’m content with my job, but if there’s one thing this last year has taught me its to not settle. I’m always going to look for ways to build upon what I’ve learned – to move forward in my skills. Because not only does my family’s future depend on it, but because adversity has taught me how to grow. My strength comes from forging ahead and never being complacent.

What are you thankful for?

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